The Author

Born in Taiwan, 1938; lived in Japan, 1945-1958; started piano lessons in 1949, then received a BS degree from RPI, Troy, NY (1962), and Ph. D. in Physics from Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY (1967), USA. Worked as analytical research scientist, 1967-1998, mostly with the Bell Telephone companies in NJ. This book originated from my observations on the methods of Mlle. Yvonne Combe, who taught our two daughters. While writing it, I discovered that piano pedagogy had never been researched, documented, and analyzed properly; therefore, this book is my attempt at correcting that deficiency. Although this book is the best teaching aid available now, this book demonstrates that it is not a finished product: it is just a beginning.

The Project

This is Sphinx adaptation of Chaun C. Chang’s excellent book, Fundamentals of Piano Practice. Why bother? Well there are a quite few formatting improvements from the original PDF, including inter-document links, clean bulleted lists, and improved font/line spacing. By virtue of being a Sphinx project, this book is also available in HTML, PDF, ePub, and LaTeX. As a GitHub project, anyone can contribute to this project by adding in content from the book and fixing any discrepancies in formatting.